P-Funking Band

26 JULY 2020, h 21.30 Live in the City, Lungomare Torrette e Pontesasso

Fano, Lungomare Torrette e Pontesasso
h. 21.30

P-Funking Band

Director Riccardo Giulietti

Riccardo Giulietti, Matteo Ciancaleoni, Giulio Brandelli, Matteo Cardinali, Riccardo Catria, trumpets
Sauro Truffini, Riccardo Bussetti, Andrea Maggi, Lorenzo Busti, Leonardo Minelli, saxophones
Andrea Angeloni, Daniele Maggi, Paolo Acquaviva, trombones
Mauro Mazzieri, susaphone
Federico Trinari, bass drum
Massimiliano De Curtis, snare drum
Roberto Gatti, percussions
Mattia Mattoni, cymbals

The P-Funking Band was born from the common passion of a group of musicians of different artistic backgrounds, who decided to create a marching band that combines music and movement in its performances.

A fresh, original and explosive blend of funk, disco music, hip hop, soul, rhythm’n’blues and jazz revisited in a marching key, which joins the choreography in which the whole band participates.

This is what the P-Funking Band offers, a enthralling rhythm, a captivating repertoire that combines known masterpieces and rarely heard goodies with original songs of the Band, giving life to a unique proposal that is not limited to making people dance but is original thanks the unusual and unusual arrangements, the enthralling choreography and the eclecticism of the fifteen young musicians.


Fano Jazz Network
Cell./Whatsapp: +39 388 6464241
Ph. +39 0721 1706616


The program may vary. In case of bad weather conditions the concerts will be canceled.

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