Green Jazz Manifesto

Green Jazz, Fano Jazz by the Sea for eco-sustainability:

  • Sustainable culture – sustainable costs for the culture, with an effort to obtain the best results by means of visibility and response of a specific cultural need.
  • Professionality at 0 km – use and development of skills (artistic direction, organization, media, marketing ecc ecc) relying only on local possibilities, leading to a significant economical saving and promoting the growth of local professionals.
  • Cultural ecology – Green Jazz days will be an example for sustainability in our area.

Green Jazz al Jazz Village

The effort of Green Jazz Village implies:

  • All the stands will be built with sustainable and recycled material. Furthermore, it is planned to create an eco-design entrance for the Jazz village with recycled material.
  • For the light used for events and stands, LED equipment will be used, which permits a reduced energy use.
  • Audio equipment – new-generation and low-impact environmental equipment for outdoor concerts.
  • Sustainable mobility – encouraging the use of bicycles and public transports to reach the Jazz Village. All the staff will be using bicycles to move between different locations of the festival.
  • Recycling trash bins in all the area of the festival. A team of volunteers will take care of organizing and picking the trash.
  • Recycling of material for the creation of musical instruments – with collective Volavelo’
  • TruckFood for the village will use glass and cutlery made of Mater-Bio.
  • 0-km food: all the food will be bio and coming from our region.
  • In the Jazz Village we eat bio, we use no plastic, we re-fill glasses for water.
  • Ecological-certified paper to print programs, books of the festival and all promoting material.
  • Expo of electric auto / Hybrid.
  • “Green Corner” is a stand dedicated to promote projects, to inform about all the events and organisations involved during the festival in relation to the Green philosophy.
  • Conferences and workshops about environment respect and defence