Green Jazz Village: a journey to the center of Fano Jazz By The Sea

by Emanuele Fortino

Concerts, jazz aperitifs, jam sessions, art installations, music workshops, green corners, info points, food and beer stands with zero km products, vintage markets and many other attractions at the heart of the Fano Festival.

An eco-friendly oasis within music and entertainment

The Green Jazz Village is undoubtedly the heart of the Fano Jazz By The Sea. Located just in front of the Rocca Malatestiana, it represents a meeting place between the cultural and social influence of music with the eco-sustainable social commitment promoted by the event. It is a home for jazz aperitifs, concerts, zero km food and wine tastings, music workshops, vintage markets and various other attractions.

Sustainability at the base of the Green Jazz Village

It is the ideal place for the Green Jazz project, through which we advocate the cause of sustainability and ecology, presenting us a platform to promote sustainable culture, arts, environment within the Fano territory.

The Green Jazz Village is in fact an ecological oasis in which it will be possible to take an active part in eco-sustainable habits and lifestyles. One step towards positive change is the segregation of waste, which will be collected in special containers. A group of young volunteers will also help collecting and separating the garbage. Moreover, thanks to the group VolaV, a recycling and reuse of waste will be carried out, aimed at creating new and environmentally friendly musical instruments. We are also giving opportunities to participate in seminars and workshops held within the Village discussing about productive valorisation of local resources in respect of the environment and its natural cycles.

But the Green Jazz Village is also a place for foodies where it is possible to taste the excellent food and wine of the region. Everything will be served in bio-compostable glasses and ceramic dishes. Sustainable mobility will also be encouraged through Fano Jazz Byke The Sea initiative, by which it will be possible to enjoy the artistic beauties of the city of Fano by pedaling to the rhythm of jazz.

Why should you come?

The Green Jazz Village has no age limitations: it is a space suitable for both young people who want to spend a different sort of evening as well as for families. Concerts and musical aperitifs will be held towards the sunset, and it is ideal for spending pleasant moments after a day at the beach. There are also other initiatives such as the music campus – a summer campus for children aged 6 to 16 with the aim of creating a musical orchestra fuelled by the creativity of children. You can also attend jam sessions, real musical improvisations that will involve not only jazz but also various musical genres.

There is going to be a vintage markets where you will be able to discover objects from past musical eras like the vinyl disc and others. White the youth will be able to enjoy an evening aperitif with the company of music from the Young Stage, showcasing some of the emerging artists in the Italian music scene.

And just to have a perfect end to a perfect summer day, the Village will have some round about midnight events. Starting from 11 pm, there will be the Cosmic Journey concerts where there won’t be the usual jazz but a musical odyssey between different genres and musical cultures, ranging from hip hop to electronic music, through the Rap and RnB: a more contemporary jazz in step with the times.

The Green Jazz Village offers absolutely unique experience that unites awareness towards environmental issues with the cultural and recreational function of music. And it is FREE ENTRY.