Fano Jazz By The Sea: the eco-sustainable festival

by Emanuele Fortino

There is no only jazz and funky music, but there is also awareness on environmental issues that are challenging our future. Furthermore, Fano Jazz By The Sea also supports growth of the Region, its culture, as well as its gastronomy in an event with a minimum environmental impact.

Following the example of its past editions, Fano Jazz By The Sea decided to further reduce its ecological footprint which has been a priority of the Festival for years. What other musical genre if not jazz, which has always been the bearer of universal values ​​and social responsibility, could convey this appeal for eco-sustainability and respect for the environment with such effectiveness?

The need for a Green Culture

We live in an era of profound environmental crisis from which we can only emerge by being aware of its existence, both as a citizen and as an institution. Just a year ago, the World Health Organization estimated that the pollution of fine dusts and fossil-fuelled heating systems would cause 7 million deaths per year. This is the main reason why, more than ever, there is a need for initiatives such as Fano Jazz by the Sea to raise awareness about environmental poblems, and to educate people to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.

Fortunately movements like FridaysForFuture led by the young Greta Thunberg and the success of green parties and other environmentalist-driven political groups in the recent European election is encouraging our society to a positive step towards a better future.

A 100% eco-friendly festival

This Festival gives us a taste of a reality in which it is possible to have a more balanced and harmonious relationship between man and nature. In fact, following the footsteps of the previous editions, the Festival is aiming to create a zero-impact event: from stage set-ups consisting of eco-compatible materials, to LED lighting, to the adoption of low environmental impact sound systems, all the way up to the truck food for catering, where mater-bi glasses and plates will be used, which will be collected and recycled by a group of young volunteers from the area.

Furthermore, sustainable mobility will be promoted with Fano Jazz Byke The Sea project and the promotional display of hybrid and electric cars in special stands. The glue that holds together all the elements of the event is given by the professionalism at zero km: Fano Jazz draws exclusively on the forces present in the territory, with a considerable saving of economic energies and favoring the growth of local professional figures.

Music, culture, awareness but also fun and entertaining

The festival stage will be hosting international renowned musicians offering all audience a spectacular evening of great music. The Main Stage will be the daily highlight of the ten-day Festival, in which the biggest musicians will be performing. 

Also this year FREE initiatives will be promoted in order to promote the new generation of musicians, as well as bring innovation to the genre. The Young Stage is a platform dedicated to young talents, Italian and international, on the rise in the panorama of jazz music, and the Cosmic Journey where you can enjoy the futuristic nuances of jazz composed by established DJs until late at night.

Fano Jazz By The Sea is a festival for all ages as it also pays attention to the little ones with Favole in Jazz, a collaboration with the Associazione Mosaico Musicale and the Concerto per bebè curated by the teachers of the Audiation Institute. Among the special events, there is also the Concerto all’alba: at 5:00 am the pianist Mirko Signorile will greet the sunrise of July 21st at the Anfiteatro Rastatt.

Beyond the music, the festival doesn’t only focus solely on environmental issues. There is also space for reflection on a highly crucial problem of today’s society: immigration. In this sense, “Exodus: the echoes of migration” is a project with the aim of providing valuable insights on tolerance and the theme of reception.

However, there will be plenty of opportunities for fun and entertainment! The Green Jazz Village best represents the soul of the festival as it promotes awareness while being the perfect venue for social gatherings accompanied by jazz music.